Are pest birds giving you grief? While Australia is blessed with many beautiful birds, introduced species such as pigeons, house sparrowsmynas and starlings can wreak havoc in residential and industrial areas.

While many people try to fix the problem themselves, this can be a drain on physical labour and require costly materials, then prove ultimately ineffective. Professional bird proofing services can save you valuable time and money.

Flick customises efficient bird control methods which are customised for your problem. We’ll devise unobtrusive solutions which will also protect the structural integrity of your building. Major problems that pest birds cause include:

#1 Physical Damage to Property

Birds are responsible for a diverse range of damage. They can dislodge tiles and gain access to roof spaces, causing damage to insulation. Nests can also block guttering and drains, leading to flooding. The latter can become breeding sites for insects and lead to internal leaks, rotten wood and corrosion. They may also destroy food products.

Birds also love the shade and protection that solar panels offer. However, they can cause serious damage to the wiring and ruin the expensive panels.

#2 Dangerous Droppings

Birds can produce a prolific amount of excrement! This can be an unsightly stain on buildings, plus strip paintwork and other building materials. Bird droppings are famous for damaging vehicles and also be a potential slipping hazard for customers.

#3 Disease & Bad Hygiene

Birds can spread a range of diseases. Their droppings contain bacteria, viruses and parasites such as Salmonella and E.Coli. Contamination to food, surfaces and goods can impact the health of your family or customers, plus cause reputational damage.

Birds can also carry insects and mites in their feathers and nests, which can then spread into your space. They also attract scavenger insects such as moths, flies, beetles and mites which are prime candidates for infiltrating stored products.

#4 Aggressive Behaviour

Finally, some birds can become aggressive – especially in nesting season! Magpies and gulls are particularly protective of their young. If birds are allowed to roost and nest on buildings, their numbers may become dangerous to your family, employees or passersby.

What are Affordable Solutions to a Pest Bird Problem?

Australia’s leading pest control company, Flick has devised innovative solutions for pest birds. First off, our highly trained technicians will perform a site analysis, pinpointing activity and nests. We’ll then prepare a bespoke bird solution which puts the emphasis on affordability and sustainability. Our economical solutions include:

  • For solar panels, we’ll clean the site and then attach galvanised UV PVC coated mesh to the outer edge of the solar panels. These clip onto the underside of the panel framework, so there’s no need to drill into the panels.
  • High-quality stainless-steel wire netting is a permanent and cost effective solution which can be installed around the problem area. Flick netting is highly durable and UV resistant to withstand the blazing Australian sun.
  • If pest birds are circling your property or you have a large open area, acoustic devices can be very effective at controlling them. These deliver a high frequency tone which is inaudible to humans but causes birds to evacuate.

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Our range of solutions includes Baiting, Trapping, Deterrent Sprays, Eagle Eye Systems, Meshing and Netting.

Our Pest Bird Feeding Program is a humane pest control method which is recognised by the RSPCA to discreetly control problems. Find out more here about how we can help.

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