Protect Your Students from Pests With Non-Toxic Pest Control

Controlling pests in the education sector is crucial. Common pests such as rodents and cockroaches can spread up to 200 known diseases.

Education facilities tend to be year-round targets for pests, thanks to the prevalence of food sources. Students may drop crumbs or leave food in lockers. Bins are often overflowing long before collection day, and sweaty gyms can provide the perfect breeding ground for a host of critters.

However, heavily relying on poisonous pesticides can also pose a risk to students and employees at schools, colleges, Universities and TAFEs.

Here are three ways to prevent pests in the education sector without using dangerous chemicals, removing the threat before an infestation occurs.


Tailor Integrated Pest Management to Your Campus

Flick has been keeping Australians safe for over 100 years. Now part of the international Anticimex network, we combine local know-how with global technology.

We create bespoke solutions. Our technicians are part of the communities in which they work and use ‘next generation’ pesticides, which are better for the environment and safer for humans.

Our team will attend the site and devise an Integrated Pest Management plan which is tailored to your needs, whether it’s rodent or cockroach control or spider web removal.

Flick also offers solutions for the removal and relocation of pest birds and possums. The roof areas of schools and universities can be favourite hiding places for both!


Get SMART with Non-Toxic Digital Monitoring

SMART Digital Pest ControlOver the extended school holiday breaks, pests can roam free, leading to a possible infestation by the time students and staff return.

Keep an eye on a large campus 24/7 with SMART Digital Pest Control, a digital rodent monitoring system that uses data, not poison. SMART is used by top Australian companies across industries, including Bega and Frosty Boy.

Driven by data, SMART is an unobtrusive system of sensors that constantly communicates information back to our SMART hub. Our technicians can then review the information in real-time, detect potential issues and take action if necessary, preventing costly damage.

The system also traps rodents and cockroaches in non-toxic, multi-catch boxes which are serviced by the Flick team when needed. That means less employee time and health risks.

Reports can also be easily retrieved from the system at a moment’s notice, ensuring that you are meeting your reporting requirements for health and safety standards.


Prioritise Professional Hygiene

Washroom Hygiene Solutions

Finally, a pristine campus or facility will go a long way toward mitigating both pests and viruses.

Flick is a leader in hygiene services. Our high-grade disinfectant misting service was an essential tool in fighting the pandemic, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid.

We also provide professional washroom services across industries. Keep onsite bathrooms spotless and minimise cross-infection through non-touch hygiene products.

Stop worrying about pests and hygiene and get back to the business of education. It’s time to activate your defence shield with Flick.

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