Case Study

How Our SMART Rodent Solution Keeps Bega At Its Best

The Challenge

Rodents are a particular challenge for the food manufacturing sector. To maintain their position as one of Australia’s most iconic food companies, Bega challenged us to make their rodent control systems best practice for the industry.

As carriers of disease, rodents need to be eradicated not only to give customers peace of mind, but to meet stringent health regulations. Australian Food Safety standards require internal rodent monitoring and capture.

With a focus on cheese products, dairy and famous spreads such as Vegemite, Bega’s six manufacturing plants in NSW and Victoria are surrounded by open pastures. This puts extra rodent pressure on each location.

Bega also wanted to be ‘greener’ in their approach to pest control. In 2015, the company went to market asking for tenders for all sites. After discussions, Flick SMART Pest Control was chosen. Harnessing the latest in technology, SMART is an environmentally friendly solution that is also at the leading edge of rodent control.

The Solution

Flick’s SMART Pest Control is an intelligent system that uses digital monitoring and interconnected devices. By combining automation and expertise, we can quickly get a wide-scale rodent problem under control, across multiple sites.

Our non-toxic catch devices trap rodents, while the innovative sensor system detects any new infestations, communicating the information back to the SMART Hub. Monitoring the boxes 24/7, the Flick team can build a picture of the situation and take further action if required.

After performing a thorough onsite analysis, Flick installed a comprehensive SMART solution across the six Bega plants in NSW and Victoria. We installed 38 SMART Connect multi-catch devices, along with 830 SMART Eye monitoring devices linked to internal catch traps.

21 SMART multi-catch traps were also installed externally at the new Derrimut warehouse.

The Result

Our SMART solution for Bega has been a resounding success. Rodents are under control across all sites, with a high volume of activity detected by our hubs since installation.

Since installation, rodent movements have been detected across the six manufacturing sites. The high activity has been actioned and resolved, with the non-toxic traps providing an environmentally-friendly pesticide free solution.

With Bega at the leading edge of pest control technology, they are also compliant with all Australian Food Safety Standards.

The SMART solution also gave Bega significant savings on labour costs, as they no longer had to check 1057 rodent traps daily. The entire system is monitored and serviced by expert Flick technicians.

Flick SMART is the next generation of commercial, digital pest control, for the food industry and beyond.

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