Pest control for the education industry

SMART Digital Pest Control Protects Your Staff and Students with Zero Downtime

Flick is the leader for safe and effective pest control for the education industry. We take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your school, childcare or university with minimal disruption to learning.

Our professionally trained rodent and pest technicians provide safe and effective treatments targeting affected areas of your property.

We offer preventative pest, rats and mice inspections along with a selection of pest and rodent solutions to suit your facility and keep your students and staff safe from pests.

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Educational Pest Control

For schools and educational institutions, effective pest control is crucial. Not only are pests in the classroom a distraction, they can also spread disease in an environment which is already conducive to the spread of germs. And when students and teachers take sick days, nobody benefits. Like head lice and other common childhood illnesses, pests spread a little too easily in schools.

Here at Flick Pest Control, we’re dedicated to the health and comfort of our clients whether they’re in the residential, commercial or government sectors. That includes schools and educational institutions. We’ll rid your facility of unwanted creepy-crawlies so you can concentrate on your mission of helping students perform at their best.

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Why you need pest control in schools, day care and universities

Educational facilities report pest activity all year round. Students drop rubbish, leave crumbs and spend many hours of the day in crowded spaces, such as stairwells and corridors.

Doors and windows are unwittingly left open for flies to enter. Branches grow towards buildings on rarely accessed grounds, allowing rodents to enter roof voids at night. Crusts and apple cores can find their way into lockers, behind bins and under desks for cockroaches. Insects attract spiders, which need to be treated immediately in schools.

If your educational facility backs onto bushland, farms or a vacant lot, you’re more likely to be visited by a curious mouse or two. Keep your school, childcare or university pest free and contact the pest control professionals, call 1300 270 019.

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Dangers of pests in schools and educational institutions

It’s not too hard to guess why pests in schools can cause problems. The most obvious issue is the spread of germs. Animals like rodents and roaches can be carriers for all kinds of diseases, and the last thing children need is to encounter them.

On some occasions encountering pests can even prove deadly. Most Queensland spiders may not do any harm, but you don’t want to take your chances with a funnel web or redback in the classroom or on a playground. Not to mention the potential for allergic reactions from ants and other pest bites.

As well as posing dangers to students and teachers, pests – especially termites – if left undetected, can cause physical damage to important school property, including potential structural damage to buildings.

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Active areas for pests in schools

Active areas for pests in schools

Pests can be active in any part of a school. But some areas are more prone to pests than others.

Around lockers: Students can leave food, wrappers or crumbs, which attract ants and cockroaches. Encourage students to clean out their locker weekly or even better, daily.

Classrooms: Stop students from eating in classrooms. Ants, cockroaches and rodents love the odd sandwich or cookie crumb.

Gyms: Humid areas with poor ventilation attract pests. Ants, mosquitos and flies may enter looking for warmth and water.

Canteens: Parent volunteers often run canteens. Make sure cleaning routines are in place and cardboard boxes are recycled, not stored on site. Food left in bins and boxes attract rodents.

Eating areas: Encourage students to pick up rubbish after eating. Squashed fruit, sandwiches and food wrappers attract birds and ants after recess and lunch.

Skip bins: Avoid storing materials such as cardboard boxes, wood cuttings or bricks. Rats and mice set up home in areas around skip bins, especially if you leave materials to build a nest.

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Why Get Professional Pest Control

Why choose Flick for your pest control

Traditional pest control monitors for signs of rodents after the damage is done.

Flick SMART technology is different. Sensors detect activity in real time. We record rodent activity, and our technicians respond proactively. Safe baits are placed where activity is highest. So, you can respond with real-time statistics based on number and frequency.

Baits and treatment are more targeted with SMART data. And, your school’s reputation is potentially saved from an infestation problem.

We follow your state’s pesticide regulations and will work with your appointed pest safety officer to protect your staff and students safe from pests. Call 1300 270 019 to speak to an expert for more information.

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Tips for a Pest-Free School

Here are a few steps you can take before calling in a pest exterminator becomes a necessity:

Regular pest inspections: Maintaining Pest Control and Termite Inspections once every 12 months can go a long way to minimizing the infestation of pests and potential damage to your school. For thorough inspection that won’t break the budget, you can count on Flick Pest Control.
Put food away: One of the sure things about primary schools is that kids eat lunch pretty much anywhere, dropping crumbs as they do so. Encourage students to clean up after themselves and avoid leaving food scraps.
Clean food service areas thoroughly: Areas like the tuck shop or canteen should be cleaned thoroughly at the end of the days service. Food products should be stored in air tight containers to prevent contamination.
Take the trash out regularly: Empty the bins daily, including bins in classrooms, offices, and general school areas. Keep garbage and food disposal a distance away from high flow areas such as classrooms.
Repairing leaking pipes, cracks in walls, etc: Basic maintenance and taking care of the amenities will go a long way towards preventing pests from slipping through the cracks. By sealing cracks you can minimize entry points. Repairing leaks reduces conducive situations which may attract termites.

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SMART Digital Pest Control targets pests before they become a problem

SMART Digital Pest Control targets pests before they become a problem, safely

Our SMART technology monitors your school 24/7 for pests, recording and comparing data.

Investing in SMART keeps your students and staff safe, it is good for the environment and puts you in control. Instead of reacting to an infestation, SMART schools are a step ahead, using a combination of technology and traditional control methods.

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Pest control for schools

SMART Digital Pest Control Protects Your Staff and Students with Zero Downtime

  • Avoids downtime for your students
  • Is discrete and out of sight of curious little fingers
  • Detects and monitors hard to reach and hidden places
  • Provides live reporting data, saved remotely
  • Uses non-toxic bait and are regularly collected by Flick technicians out of school hours
  • Saves your school reputation and stress from potential infestations

Our technicians visit your school, day care or university to inspect, assess and identify risk zones. Strategically placed sensors and traps detect infestations, which we use to create a tailored action plan for you.

If you suspect you have pests, don’t disturb them. Call 1300 270 019 and get your educational facility inspected by a professional now before it’s too late.

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Protect Your Students & Staff From Germs

Protect Your Students & Staff From Germs

Did you know we also offer a comprehensive range of washroom hygiene products and services? Good hygiene is your first line of defence against the spread of germs. Our cost-effective range of professional washroom hygiene solutions will defend your staff and students from disease and cross-contamination.

Our services include:

supplier under education arrangement 2023

Preferred Supplier

Flick is a preferred washroom service supplier to the Department of Education. We supply nappy and sanitary services for over 55,000 students across 1,200 state and secondary schools in Queensland.

We can protect your staff and students from pests and germs. Call 1300 270 019 to stay ahead of pests and germs.

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