Case Study

Frosty Boy Makes A SMART Move In Pest Control


Our client Frosty Boy is one cool customer. Since launching in 1976, they have become an Australian icon and an international leader in the frozen dessert and beverage market, exporting to 48 countries.

From their two factories in Australia, Frosty Boy manufactures and distributes a delicious product range that includes award-winning soft serve and frozen yoghurt bases, beverage powders, toppings, syrups and customised products.


The Challenge

Frosty Boy continually innovates to stay at the forefront of the industry, with a highly-audited framework in place to support quality production and a clean, hygienic environment. They currently undergo 12 audits p.a.

Rodents in particular are a challenge for the food manufacturing industry. Factories give rats plenty of spaces to hide, plus they’re lured by the foodstuffs on site.

The pandemic has also catalysed an exponential increase in rodent numbers. As restaurants have closed, rats have been on the hunt for new sources of food. As carriers of disease, it is crucial that companies are proactive about eradicating any potential rat infestation.

Flick has established a reputation as one of Australia’s leading pest control and hygiene companies. Frosty Boy asked us to ensure that their pest control infrastructure was at the leading edge and keeping their two factories pest-free and audit-ready. Given the large scale of the sites and the industry sector, the solution would also need to enable remote 24/7 monitoring.

The Solution

After initial scoping meetings and site inspections with Frosty Boy, we proceeded to implement a SMART solution.

Flick SMART Pest Control is an intelligent system that uses digital monitoring and interconnected SMART Boxes. By combining automation and expertise for commercial enterprises, we can quickly get a wide-scale rodent problem under control.

The non-toxic SMART Boxes trap rodents, while the innovative sensor system detects any new infestations, communicating the information back to the SMART Hub. Monitoring the SMART Boxes 24/7, the Flick team can build a picture of the situation and take further action if required.

Our technicians installed a SMART solution for Frosty Boy that consisted of 50 single-catch SMART Boxes and 3 SMART master connect modems across the two factories.

“The SMART pest system is a vital part of our pest management program. Being able to rely on the bait stations communicating directly with Flick, instead of QC staff checking the stations daily, means we can meet the pest control sections our customer quality standards more efficiently.”

The Result

Frosty Boy has been delighted with their results. Their two factories are now monitored 24/7, with reports and data extracted from the SMART system for regular reporting to management.

This is a transparent solution with tangible results, which makes it ideal for auditing purposes. Since they have been installed, Frosty Boy have passed all their audits with flying colours and great feedback. The SMART system is recognised by auditors in the food industry and is certified by HACCP. If auditors do require a SMART station to be opened, Flick will also arrange for a technician to be on site.

Need commercial pest control? Flick’s innovative technology and high-level of customer service not only eradicate rodents and pests, they make it easy for industries to meet quality standards.


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