How employees feel when they are at work has a huge effect on their ability to perform their jobs and their enthusiasm for doing so. It’s never a pleasant feeling to be anxious, distracted or uncomfortable, and it certainly isn’t something you want to have to battle at work. The recent trend of open-plan offices, with soothing elements like plants and amenities, is all part of a larger effort to make everyone more comfortable while they are at work, something that studies have found to dramatically affect worker productivity and morale.

Remember – it’s also important to make sure that the washroom looks and smells clean (talk to us about our many odour-eliminating solutions!), but also actually IS clean. Washrooms that are not regularly cleaned and disinfected can have build-ups of illness-causing germs and bacteria that can be hazardous to your employees.

Studies show that the average person spends 30 minutes in the restroom per day. Over a working career, that’s a lot of time! Not only is a clean and regularly maintained washroom essential for physical health, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that clean facilities play a significant role in maintaining a healthy and productive mental state while at work.

Entering a dirty or uncomfortable environment can cause stress and anxiety, even depression over time, feelings that are closely tied to decreased productivity and opinion of work and the workplace. On the other hand, a clean washroom and easy experience can be a source of ease and reassurance, a feeling closer to home, which encourages a more positive work experience.

We provide a wide range of essential washroom and hygiene solutions for the washroom and the workplace that can help you guarantee your employees are comfortable at work and greatly reduce the risk caused by the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Our range includes soap and hand sanitiser dispensers, odour control solutions, sanitary and sharp object disposal, antibacterial wipes and hand drying solutions, including no-touch options. Let’s talk about making your employees feel at home. Call us on + 1300 270 019 for a free consultation.

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