Flea and tick prevention is a must for responsible pet owners. Fleas and ticks can make your dogs and cat miserable and itchy. They are a nuisance for most pets. However, for pets with sensitivities or allergies, they can cause serious health problems. In addition, fleas can carry diseases and spread tapeworms.

You may have heard of an alarming condition called tick paralysis. This disease can impact dogs and cats, causing progressive muscle weakness that can impact breathing. Some pets may even die as a result. In addition, ticks are carrying Ehrlichia Canis, a bacterium that can lead to lethargy, fever, bleeding disorders, and potential death.

The best way to keep your pets free from pests is to follow a pest control routine. You can get great pest control products from your vet, pet store, or even online. The only problem is that you have to be consistent to get good results with any type of pest control. Being late or missing treatment can lead to a relatively quick infestation.

Of course, these pests are not just problems for pets. Ticks on humans can lead to serious problems, such as Lyme disease. What is even more alarming is that, even with flea and tick prevention, you can still get ticks. There are multiple types of ticks and not all of them target your pets. You may be familiar with the dog tick, but other Australian ticks may be in the brush, waiting to latch onto humans or pets when you walk in the wilderness. They can also encroach in your yard.

If you are heading out to hike, we suggest that you wear long sleeves and long pants, spray yourself with insect repellant, and inspect your skin afterwards. If you simply want to be able to enjoy your own backyard, we can help. We offer pest control products that help keep your yard free from ticks and fleas. We can also treat your home if you notice fleas or ticks infesting carpets, furniture, bedding, or other soft surfaces. Combine our treatments with routine preventative medication for your pets, and fleas and ticks will be a thing of the past.

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