With the wide availability of antivenom, many people dismiss spiders as a deadly threat However, the funnel web spider’s venom can kill a human in 15 minutes. That is before many people can even get to a healthcare facility to get treatment.

Where Do You Find Funnel Web Spiders?

Although people think of Australia as the land of giant spiders, funnel web spiders are actually located throughout the world. That includes Australia and New Zealand. There are 40 known species of funnel web. The ones you are most likely to encounter include the Sydney funnel web, Port Macquarie funnel web, Blue Mountains funnel web, and the Northern Tree funnel web.

Are Funnel Web Spiders Aggressive?

Funnel web spiders are not necessarily aggressive. They generally hide from people instead of seeking out contact. However, the fact that they hide from people could actually make them more dangerous. You might find them hiding in places like your shoes, which means you could disturb them. While they are unlikely to hunt you, they will bite you if they feel threatened.

While they are not aggressive, they have dangerous bites. Some can even bite you through your fingernails! Of course, not all of them have deadly venom.

When Are You Likely to Encounter Funnel Web Spiders?

Funnel web spiders emerge in the summer to find mates. They are more active after rainfall. When they are on the prowl, they often find themselves inside homes. So, you should be more aware of the potential of finding these spiders during the summer.

What Do Funnel Webs Look Like?

Funnel webs spiders are medium to large in size. They are all black, with glossy, hairy bodies. It may be easier to identify them by their characteristic funnel webs or by the webbing they leave at the entrance to their burrows.

What Should I Do If a Funnel Web Bites Me?

You may not feel it if a spider bites you. However, funnel web spider bites are painful. You will also have a red bump at the site of the bite. You may begin to feel immediate effects of the bite including pain, nausea, vomiting, breathing problems, confusion, unconsciousness, coughing, or sweating. It is important to take steps to keep the venom from spreading throughout your body. Apply an immobilization bandage, if possible. That should keep the venom from moving through your body. Try to stay calm, so you can slow the spread of venom. Seek immediate medical attention.

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