Getting ready to schedule your pest control service? If so, there may be some steps you can take to make extermination more effective. These steps are not always necessary, especially if you have routinely been getting pest control services or if you are beginning a preventative regime and not targeting a specific pest issue. However, if you are targeting an infestation, these steps can help ensure that your pest service is effectively as quickly as possible.

Communication is Key

The first step is actually one that you need to do, regardless of why your pest control company is coming. Communicate with your pest control provider about any pets, small children, people with health conditions, or other potentially vulnerable family members. Depending on what type of treatment you are getting, you may need to remove them from the home for a period of time. While modern pesticides are generally safe for people and pets, they may be applied in different manners if you have pets or little people crawling on your floors.

If you have had a cockroach or ant problem, then they are finding food and water sources somewhere in your house. Your pest service provider can help you identify problem areas and suggest ways to remedy the problem but making sure that all of your food is put away and sealed properly and that your home is neat and clean makes the bait used for cockroaches more attractive, which means the service works more quickly. These steps are also important if you are battling rodents, and you will also want to make sure and seal up any areas where pests could be getting into your home.

If you are experiencing flea or tick problems, you want to get to areas where these bloodsuckers hide. Destroy pet bedding or wash it in hot water, vacuum the carpet thoroughly and wash all hard-surface flooring, including inside closets, and clean the furniture, including under cushions. You also want to make sure your pets are on a pest preventative and that you are treating your yard at the same time.

If you are getting a termite or bed bug treatment, your pest service may have specific steps for you to follow. Bed bug treatments require moving stuff off of floors, removing bedding, and washing bedding in hot water to kill any potential bed bugs. Termite treatment may require moving any furniture away from walls and removing items from closets.
Not sure what you need to do to prepare for your pest service? No problem; the pest control experts at Flick are happy to tell you how to best prepare for your particular service.