A holistic view

Tackling odours in bathrooms isn’t a single approach. Rather it requires a multi-faceted approach. Typically, no single thing will be to cause of odour in a washroom, rather it is usually caused by a myriad of smaller smells contributing to one single smell. As such, it requires nuanced approach to bringing odours under control, tackling each individual element, one at a time. In this series we will look at how we reduce bathroom odours by taking a holistic approach.

Where to begin?

It’s tempting to think that we would start by packing out a wall with air fresheners and start pumping the scent of pine needles and sea breeze into the washroom in question, but this would only provide a short term relief to the problem, as the source of odours would remain present.

In hot water

Most problematic washrooms have a commonality: built up grime, uric acid and faecal matter. One of our first suggestions is to recommend a good clean, particularly a professional steam clean. Why steam? Well steam has several natural advantages, primarily that the heat, combined with high pressure is fantastic at breaking down and removing caked up grime. It’s also highly effective at penetrating through grout to remove moisture and dirt that has built up there.

A Washroom Before Steam Clean

A washroom before steam clean

A Urinal After a Steam Clean

A urinal after a steam clean

The steam has another trick up it’s sleeve though, the high heat sterilises the surface it’s being applied to. The old saying clean enough to eat off isn’t one we would suggest attempting, but if you did have to…we would recommend a Flick professional steam clean first.

Flick offers a steam clean service that gives our customers confidence their washroom is being thoroughly rid of harmful microorganisms. It efficiently removes grime and moisture, leaving cleaned surfaces instantly dry. Steam cleaning is thoroughly effective for all areas of your washroom including walls, tiles, floors, cubicles, urinals, and showers. If you’re ready to remove odours form your washroom, give Flick a call today on 1300 270 019!

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