Most of the Australian spiders are harmless but getting a bite from them may be annoying and itchy but is unlikely to cause serious problems. However, if you get a bite from any of the dangerous spiders in Australia, you can experience a serious illness. Without treatment, you could even die. So, if you get a spider bite and start to experience symptoms, get medical attention as soon as possible.

Here are the 5 most deadly and dangerous spiders in Australia, ranked from least to most:

trapdoor spider crawling on rocks

5. Trapdoor Spider

Starting off our list is the Trap door species. Trapdoor spiders are much more common, and they hide in the ground. You may accidentally encounter them while gardening. Fortunately, their venom is only mildly effective on humans, causing localised pain. They are so named for the burrow they make in the ground, with a “door”.

red headed mouse spider on the ground

4. The Mouse Spider

8 species of the mouse spider exist in Australia. They have similar venom to the Funnel Webs, however there have been no recorded deaths from its bite, largely in part because the Funnel Webs Antivenom has been effective at treating the Mouse Spiders venom. They are often found in burrows and are rarely aggressive.

redback spider crawling outside

3. The Redback Spider

Noted by its black body and defining red stripe, the redback is responsible for some 2000 bites annually, although thanks to advances in Anti-venom, there hasn’t been a recorded death from any spider bite since 1979. Symptoms of its bite include intense localised pain, weakness, nausea and in more serious cases, convulsions and possibly death.

Despite their potent venom, redback spiders aren’t particularly aggressive. They prefer to hide from threats. Most bites occur when humans accidentally disturb their hiding places.

funnel web spider on top of cobwebs and leaves

2. Other funnel Web Spiders

Thought you could breathe a sigh of relief because you don’t live in the Sydney area? Guess again. There are up to 40 species of Funnel Webs in Australia, 6 of which have been reported to cause severe envenomation. Did we mention they can also live in trees 30m off the ground? Drop bears aren’t all you need to worry about falling onto you!

sydney funnel web spider on wet ground

1. Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Oh boy. It’s everyone’s favourite. Found nearly exclusively in Sydney, this spider is often considered the most deadly in the world. With fangs that can pierce through fingernails, and one specimen reaching 10cm stretched out, this spider is serious business. A single bite can kill a human in 15 minutes. Its venom, Atraxotoxin, shorts out synapses in the brain and interferes with the relaxation cycle. This causes spasm, accelerated heart rates, numbness of the mouth and death.

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