We already know that termites are one of Australia’s worst pest problems. They cause billions of dollars in damage each year. 1 in 3 properties in Australia will have termites. Termite prevention and control is an essential part of protecting your property. Knowing that you may wonder if you need to take special steps to protect your home from termites given that La Nina is impacting other pest populations.

Wet weather can indeed impact termite behaviour. To understand how wet weather influences termite populations, it is important to know basic termite behaviour.


First, termites swarm in spring and early summer. A termite swarm is not a sign of a termite infestation in a particular location. Swarms are actually the termites who have left their colony to try to find another place to build a new colony. So, they are signs that termites are nearby.

Termite swarms usually happen after rain and are more likely to swarm during hot and humid conditions. While La Nina will drive down daytime high temperatures, the increased rainfall and higher nighttime temperatures mean that we can expect higher humidity. That means that we can expect to see an increase in termite swarms. Swarms mean that even if you do not have termites currently, you could be vulnerable to termites looking for a place for a colony.


Another way that La Nina impacts the termite population is through breeding. Termites are more likely to nest and breed in wet and decaying timber and wood. The more rain and flooding we have, the more habitable places and more accessible food supply for termites. In turn, this increases termite breeding. As a result, we can expect increased termite populations during La Nina.

Termite Prevention

Since we know that La Nina will likely increase the termite population, prevention becomes more important than ever. At Flick, we offer protection plans, including termite protection. We also offer standalone termite inspection services. In Australia, the standard for termite inspection is every 12 months. Our skilled technicians can perform inspections in any weather. If we discover termites on your premises, we can develop an effective plan to get rid of them, preserving as much of your home and property as possible. So, contact us today to schedule your inspection or get on one of our protection plans.

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