Solar panels create inviting home areas for pigeons and other birds. They provide shelter from the elements, while also being high enough to keep the birds safe from most of their natural predators. To counteract this, you should consider ways to deter pigeons from choosing to nest under your solar panels.

Pigeons nesting underneath solar panels are a surprisingly common contributor to efficiency reduction in home or business solar systems. A bunch of nesting pigeons create a bunch of pigeon poop, which can block sunlight from the cells, reducing efficiency. However, the real problem is that pigeon waste is acidic and can corrode surfaces. In addition to damaging solar panels or tiles, nesting pigeons can stain the roof, cause leaks, and even attract other pests. The key to avoiding these problems is keeping panels from wanting to nest on your roof.

At Flick, we offer a variety of methods to make your roof less attractive to pigeons: spiking, netting or meshing. In addition, if you already have an existing pigeon problem, we can remove them through baiting or trapping.

Roof spikes are a popular way to deter birds in cities and have been used with some success to keep birds from nesting underneath solar panels. They are uncomfortable, which keeps birds from nesting in an area. However, they are not usually a stand-alone solution and are usually used in conjunction with other deterrence methods.

Bird mesh is a surprisingly effective way to keep pigeons (and other birds) away from underneath your solar panels. We thoroughly secure the mesh by clipping it to the panels and blocking birds from getting through the mesh and underneath the panels without damaging the panels. It is generally an affordable option and relatively easy to install, though it may have to be repaired and/or replaced every few years.

Finally, you want to look at the rest of the area around your home or business to see if you are inadvertently attracting pigeons or other nuisance birds. It goes without saying that you will not want to leave out bird seed if you are worried about pigeons. However, birds are often opportunistic feeders, so make sure that garbage is securely stored and that you do not leave pet food where birds can get into it.