You want your office washrooms to be clean. Your workers need washroom access and having a hygienic washroom is one key to having a healthy workplace. You may also have clients using your washroom and having a hygienic washroom may influence their opinion of your workplace cleanliness.

Washroom cleanliness is about more than making a good impression. It is well-known that three significant diseases can be spread in washrooms: E. Coli, Salmonella, and Shigella. In addition, with concerns about COVID-19 still prevalent, there are concerns that it could be spread in washrooms through touching contaminated surfaces.

At Flick, we offer a range of washroom solutions that are designed to help you keep your washrooms hygienic. They include soap and hand sanitiser dispensers, sanitation, sharp object disposal, touch-free solutions, hand drying solutions, and antibacterial wipes.

Having cleaning products available and having available waste containers are both ways to encourage employee compliance with policies such as handwashing and proper waste disposal.

In addition, we suggest that your workplace commits to adopting the following healthy washroom hygiene habits.

Hand Washing

Every person who uses the washroom should wash their hands afterwards. Ideally, they should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and running water for 20 seconds. Hand washing is preferable to using hand sanitisers, but you can increase your protection by applying hand sanitisers after hand washing.

Clean Up Your Own Mess

Have you ever walked into a washroom and seen toilet paper on the floor, an unflushed toilet, or paper towels thrown by the garbage can? Employees should be expected to clean up their washroom waste.

Close the Lid

Flushing the toilet can spread waste throughout the washroom as tiny particles are aerosolised and sent around the whole room. Encouraging employees to close the lid before flushing reduces the spread of germs in the washroom.

Make Office Washrooms a No-Phone Zone

This is not really about washroom hygiene, but about how washrooms can impact workplace hygiene. An alarming percentage of cellular phones have fecal matter on them because people take them into the bathroom. No phones in the washroom reduce the likelihood of diseases spreading through that vector.

While better habits can help promote washroom hygiene, you have to start with the right products to enable those habits. We can supply you with the tools you need to make office washroom hygiene easy. Give Flick a call today at + 1300 270 019 if you have any questions!

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