Keeping up to date with your all your businesses legal obligations is hard.

It can be like trying to balance on one foot in skates, on an oil slick, over an ice field, with an incline, during an earthquake with strong cross winds. It’s super easy to slip up. That’s why were here to help you understand what your obligations are for washrooms.

Many business owners don’t spend much time mulling about what they have to provide as a bathroom for their employees, it’s not on their radar. Pressing concerns like cash flow, expansion and landing the next deal push out thoughts about toilets, urinals and sanitary bins (unless of course you’re in the business of toilets, urinals and sanitary bins.)

As a business owner, the requirements of your bathrooms for your employees are just as important as cash flow. Sanitary unit laws in Australia dictate that all employers must properly equip all available cubicles with a sanitary unit. Under the Workplace Health and Safety Amendment Regulation (No. 3) 2004, in workplaces with female workers, the necessary female sanitary disposal facilities must be in all available cubicles. That means every cubicle must have a sanitary unit. That includes both Womens and Mens bathrooms.

You might be tempted to not offer proper sanitary bins and washroom facilities in an attempt to save money. Despite being illegal, studies have recently showed that employees with out proper hygiene, perform worse at work, feel more disconnected from their workplace and take more sick days. Trying to save a few dollars off your hygiene services can cost your business hundreds, if not thousands in lost employee time.

Fortunately Flick offers cost effective services to ensure that you’ll meet your obligations and help keep your employees happy and healthy. From Sanitary Unit Disposal to Washroom Fragrance Fresheners, Flick has solutions for your Washroom and Hygiene needs. Give Flick a call on 1300 270 019 to discuss how our range of premium services help your business.

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