Silverfish may be a small bug, but they can be a big problem. Unlike many other home-invading pests, they do not carry pathogens. That means you do not have to worry about catching diseases if you see silverfish in your home. That does not mean that they are harmless. On the contrary, silverfish are known for being extremely destructive, especially around paper products. They can damage books and contaminate food supplies. They can also make people sick in an unexpected way- many people are allergic to them!

Keeping them out of a house can be difficult. That is because they are often unknowingly brought into the home inside other boxes. Not to scare you, but live silverfish have even been found inside closed and sealed food packaging! Of course, a single silverfish is not going to create an infestation, so even if you cannot completely avoid the risk that you will bring a silverfish into your home, you can reduce the likelihood that it will want to stay there. You can do this by learning what attracts these pests so that you can eliminate those attractants from your home.


Like all pests, silverfish need water. Do you have any areas of your home where moisture can collect? People often think of water leaks when thinking about areas where moisture might be present, but you do not need as much water as a leak to attract them. Do you have areas with condensation in them? If so, can you modify them to reduce or eliminate that condensation? Even damp clothing is enough to attract silverfish, so instead of letting damp clothes sit on the floor or in laundry hampers, launder them immediately.


Another insect favourite, silverfish love dark areas. While you cannot completely eliminate darkness in your home, some areas like crawl spaces and sheds are notorious for providing great, dark, hiding spots. Consider adding energy-efficient LED lighting to those spots to shed some light on the subject.

Food Sources

Silverfish like carbs and eat cellulose, glue, linen, and silk. Most people have fabrics and books in their house, which both present dining opportunities for these pests. Checking them regularly can help you catch an early infestation. However, it is important to realise that silverfish are also really attracted to the food we eat. Store all of your food in insect-proof containers and do not leave dirty dishes sitting around.

If you notice a silverfish problem, it is probably worse than you realise. That is because they are nocturnal and are great hiders. DIY methods are notoriously ineffective with them because of the silverfish life cycle. Call Flick at 1300 270 019 and we can help you get rid of your pest problem and establish a prevention program that should prevent additional infestations. Our Constant Home Protection plans provide you peace of mind knowing your home is protected. Most of our plans provide you with an year round protection service for pests included in your package – including silverfish.

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