We offer air fresheners as part of our workplace washroom hygiene products and services. One of the top questions we get from clients and potential clients is whether air fresheners are essential. We think they are, but it can become a little indelicate to discuss why. So, be prepared for an article that talks a lot about stinky topics.

We take care of some smelly business in washrooms.

The result is that even pristinely clean and well-ventilated washrooms can smell dirty at times. While we all know why washrooms exist and have a lifelong experience with the fact that washroom smells tend to linger, that does not change how we are programmed to react to these biological odours. Humans are programmed to avoid certain scents because they are associated with things like the spread of disease.

Therefore, when people enter into a washroom that smells, even if it visually looks clean and well-kept, it makes people suspicious of the environment. It can make them hesitant to use the facilities or be wary of trusting other parts of your business. This is true, even if they can visually see that the washroom is clean. More importantly, much of this is going on at a subconscious level.

On the other hand, a fresh-smelling washroom is welcoming.

It reinforces the cleanliness that they see when they walk into the room. It provides people with a sense of security and peacefulness, whether they have entered the washroom to answer nature’s call or just to take a few moments to collect themselves before they resume their day. That is why Flick offers air fresheners as part of our washroom hygiene services.

Of course, air fresheners alone are not enough to make your washroom hygienic and inviting.

The washroom needs to do more than smell clean; it needs to be clean. Flick offers a variety of products and services aimed at helping washrooms look and smell their best. In addition to air fresheners, we offer waste disposal options for feminine hygiene products, diapers, and incontinence pads that help trap typical washroom odours. We also provide maintenance services to ensure your washrooms are not collecting waste and have a ready supply of hand washing, drying, and sanitising supplies.

People will judge your business by the quality of your washrooms. So use Flick to help keep them safe, clean, and well-stocked

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