This wet summer, be prepared for some unexpected guests. La Nina will bring more than the odd spot of rain. Insects and other pests will search for suitable shelter to pass the time during this dreary wet season, and may find it in your home.

Pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and mice leave their homes and search for drier conditions if there’s too much rain. Like us, they would prefer to be dry and move to a drier shelter. In a lot of cases, the nearest house.

Why do pests appear when it rains?

Insects and other pests need water to survive. But, too much water can have them scampering for shelter. Weeks of rain can destroy nests, flood sewer systems and waterlog the soil. This means they start searching for higher and drier ground. They can enter your house through cracks, vents or larger openings such as chimneys or under doors. With the odd crumb and drip to sustain them, they can set up home in your abode quite happily while the downpour continues outside.

Many pests will seek shelter from the predicted wet weather, but the main offenders will be ants, spiders, cockroaches, and mice.

Expect signs of ants after rain, especially in the kitchen

Ants typically nest in ground, so it won’t take too much rain to cause flooding. Rather than risk their colony being destroyed, they’ll start marching straight for your cozy, dry house and set up home. Kitchens and bathrooms are the perfect hideouts for ants because they have crumbs to nibble on or some water to keep them hydrated.

Cockroaches and spiders seek shelter during a downpour

Rainy weather floods sewers, downpipes and drains. This extreme weather will cause cockroaches to scamper or fly into your nice dry home. They’ll find a dark, tight spot such as under your refrigerator, behind the microwave or under the sink and thrive, especially if you drop the odd crumb or two.

Spiders that live in the ground, such as funnel web and trapdoor spiders may enter the house to avoid drowning in their burrows. Other spiders, such as huntsmen and wolf spiders that live behind bark, under rocks and in gardens may move inside your house.

Rain brings mice indoors

Mice live in burrows which can flood during period of heavy rain. As most animals (and humans), rodents like to stay warm and dry when it’s raining. It is not unusual for mice to burrow inside a home during heavy rains, especially during wet summers.

Mosquitos love a pool of water

Wet weather is perfect for mosquitos. Mosquitoes need a pool or still puddle of water to lay their eggs. After rain, if you look closely at stagnant water in pots or drains, you may see the wriggling larvae just waiting to change into an adult mosquito. So, the more pools of water, the higher the number of mosquitoes. That’s why after a downpour you’re more likely to be bitten by annoying mozzies.

Do not delay your termite inspection due to rain

Don’t let wet weather delay your termite inspection. The Australian Standard requirements state “termite inspections shall be conducted at not more than 12-month intervals”. Our skilled technicians can carry out a timber pest inspection and implement a treatment program for timber pests even if rain is forecast.

This rainy summer, expect pest numbers around your home to increase. If you can’t see them, don’t presume they aren’t there. Don’t risk an infestation. If you think you may have a pest problem, book an inspection with Flick today.

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