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Solving Sydney Strata Rodent Problems – The Smart Way!

Solving Sydney Strata Rodent Problems – The Smart Way!

As Australia’s modern pest control company, Flick is fighting pests with data instead of poison.

This is illustrated through our success in significantly reducing rodent activity and mitigating the health risk to tenants a of strata run building in inner Sydney.

With our diligent efforts and comprehensive strategies, we have successfully transformed these properties into safer, more hygienic environments, ensuring the well-being and peace of mind of all occupants.

The Challenge

Pest control in inner city areas can be a serious challenge for strata management companies. These busy, highly populated areas are prime targets for cockroaches and rodents on the hunt for juicy food sources. Heavy rain only exacerbates the problem.

Rats and mice can be a challenge to eradicate. One of our key strata clients in Sydney had been experiencing a severe rodent spike and needed a quick solution! Strata companies by law must provide tenants with safe and healthy environments – and pests pose a major threat.

Councils within this area are heavily involved in ensuring rodent control and can investigate sites deemed to have heavy rodent issues. With the council pressure and disgruntled residents, the company turned to Flick for a SMART solution.

The Solution

Our expert technicians performed an initial assessment of the site. They deduced that many rodents were entering via the car park and targeting the bins area. A ‘quick catch’ approach was implemented to get the problem under control and 4 x SMART Digital Pest Control Units were installed focused around this entry point.

SMART Digital Pest Control is Flick’s industry-disrupting pest control solution which harnesses the power of technology, rather than poison. It uses sensors to detect and trap rodents in SMART boxes using a non-toxic attractant.

Sustainable and digitally monitored 24/7 by Flick, this system not only gets an infestation quickly under control, but it can also nip any future infestations before they happen.

The Result

Our SMART solution was a rapid success, catching 40+ rodents in the bins area of the car park within a short time frame.The area is now constantly under supervision by Flick through SMART sensors. Spikes in activity are monitored and a technician engaged when catches take place. The SMART boxes are regularly serviced by the Flick team when required.

Digital reports were provided to the client on a weekly basis while the problem was being dealt with. Reports are now less frequent but available at any time on request. This is an important factor for strata clients, should the council request evidence of pest control management.

The client and residents are both very happy with the results; both can sleep easy knowing that the building is now safeguarded 24/7 by their SMART digital protector!

SMART Digital Pest Control is used by commercial groups and councils, in metropolitan cities and country areas, across Australia. SMART is renowned for harnessing data to target and neutralise pests, preventing future costly infestations, minimising secondary poisoning and mitigating public health risks.

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