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Helping Protect Queensland Rail

How Our Disinfecting Experts Help Protect Queensland Rail

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced public transport networks across the country to take major steps to ensure the safety of essential workers and the community.

Flick has been in demand across Australia during the coronavirus crisis, providing high-grade disinfecting services for a wide spectrum of businesses and residential spaces. Using a strong germicidal mist, these services are both preventative and defensive in nature, neutralising any traces of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces to ensure community peace of mind.

We are currently helping Queensland Rail protect their employees and passengers by disinfecting their entire network systematically and regularly.



The Challenge

As one of Queensland’s major connective transport networks, Queensland Rail’s services are particularly essential in the high-risk metropolitan region of Brisbane and South East Queensland.

As Flick is the current supplier of pest control and washroom services for Queensland Rail [QR], they were already aware of our professionalism and expertise.

When the Covid-19 health crisis escalated in March, the QR team asked Flick to ramp up the state rail network’s bacteria and virus defence system to provide enhanced protection for both employees and the public, supplementing their daily cleaning schedule.

The Solution

Flick uses a disinfectant misting service which kills bacteria and viruses*. The mist is non-toxic and binds to all surfaces, including hard-to-reach places.

The expert disinfecting team deployed to Queensland Rail consists of Kurt Smith, Todd Street, Paul Paterson-Fleider and Kamryn McDonnell; a team with an accumulated 27 years of experience in disinfecting and pest control.

In March, the unit commenced regular disinfecting misting on all trains, taking place in the main Queensland Railyard. This is where trains return when not running throughout the day, overnight and on weekends.

Dressed in head-to-toe personal protective gear, the team applies the misting treatment on, every inch of space, from seats to handrails, grab handles, doors and walls to ventilation grills.

The disinfection of one train can be completed in around 45 minutes. Each carriage takes approximately five minutes to spray, with three carriages to a train. However, added safety precautions for Covid-19 extend the duration.

Flick’s disinfectant is well-suited to public and high-traffic areas, as it is non-toxic and dries quickly. While its strength kills viruses and bacteria*, the area can be safely re-entered after approximately an hour.

For residential homes, we recommend an application of the product every 30 days. Given that public transport networks are high traffic areas, we advise a fortnightly treatment.

The Result

With a target of disinfecting each train in the large network twice per month, Queensland Rail trains are being disinfected continuously from Monday – Saturday, with two Flick technical experts working 4 – 5 hours a day on average.

Our high-grade disinfectant and its ability to reach every surface has bolstered Queensland Rail’s defence against Covid-19, supporting their daily cleaning schedule, as it:

  • Contains a strong germicidal which kills Covid-19*, bacteria and fungi
  • Is non-toxic & environmentally friendly, degrading naturally
  • Binds to all surfaces, including hard-to-reach places
  • Dries quickly, allowing re-entry to the site by employees or passengers approximately one hour after treatment

The Flick team will continue to disinfect the trains 6 days a week, in order to keep the network as safe as possible. Click here to watch the Flick team in action disinfecting Queensland Rail trains.

*ARTG No. 336972


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