There’s no denying it, Hand Hygiene is important. And not just from a personal point of view. The cost of poor hygiene really adds up.

Employees took 9.5 days of sick leave a year, on average, according to a 2016 study.  The estimated cost was $340 per employee per day of being sick.  That works to be around $3,230 dollars lost per employee each year. That’s a lot of extra capital that you could be spending elsewhere.  To add to this, absenteeism rates in Australia are estimated to be around 5% – 7%. To put this into perspective, for every 20 employees you hire, you lose one. If you’re a large office with 100+ staff, your losing 5 workers for a year. That’s an entire department  not working for 12 months! It’s no wonder sick leave then is so disruptive to businesses.

How do we reduce this though?

The solution is twofold. First, you need hand sanitising products to combat the germs. Second,  you need education to combat poor hygiene habits. Hand hygiene programs have been shown to reduce related health care claims by 20%. Another study from Norway looked at the effects of regular cleaning in the office. It noted that a quality cleaning system reduced absenteeism by 12.5%.  In fact, employees with access to hand hygiene programs and sanitising products reported being more satisfied with their companies than those with other amenities (such as filtered water, free soft drink and food etc).

Clearly proper hygiene in your workplace has a significant impact upon the revenue of your business. The less time employees spend being unwell, the less money is lost. Furthermore, employees who are in a clean environment, are more productive employees. At Flick, we understand this. We have a range of products to ensure your bathrooms stay sparkling fresh. We also offer  hand hygiene products, including alcoholic sanitisers for your bathrooms, to help keep employees germ and sick day free.

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