Spiders in Australia are a pretty big deal. Not only do we have tons of different spider species, but several of our spiders are potentially deadly. While there is no need to live your life in fear of spiders, it is important to know some tricks to help you avoid spiders. Plus, you want to know how to identify a spider bite, and some basic first aid tips for spider bites.

Where to Find Spiders

Australia has several different types of spiders. They are not just passive hunters who use their webs to catch prey. Some spiders are active hunters. So, it can be difficult to avoid anywhere you may find a spider. However, in general, if you are going into any dark or hidden area, you want to be aware of the possibility of spiders.

How to Avoid Spiders

You can also take some steps to avoid interacting with spiders. It may seem silly but get in the habit of shaking things. Shake out your shoes or clothing before you put them on. Some people will suggest doing that if your clothes have been on the floor or if you have left them outside. However, shaking them out is a good habit, no matter where you have stored them. Shake out towels and bedding as well. A good shake can send many spiders scurrying.

Killing Spiders

Some people think it is bad luck to kill a spider. However, your instinct may be to smush one if you see it. Here is the problem. If you squish a non-aggressive, non-venomous spider, then you have just gotten rid of something that is eating bugs for you. If you go to smush or drown a venomous spider, you might just tick it off. Plus, sometimes spiders can survive underwater, so you might think the spider is dead when it is just floating.

Instead of trying to ninja-attack individual spiders, it is better to tackle the root cause of your spider problem. If you have spiders in your home or business, it is because they are finding other insects to eat. Treat your insect problem and you reduce the draw for spiders. Plus, a pest control specialist can target the spiders, as well.

Sneaky Biters

Even if you do not see a spider, you can get a spider bite. Spiders love dark and hidden places. They can crawl into your clothes and give you a bite. They can also get to exposed skin, especially if you are doing something dangerous like putting your hand in a dark space. While some spider bites are painful, you may not feel others. So, what does a spider bite look like?

Spider bites look like other insect bites. They usually show up as red, itchy, inflamed bumps on your skin. Venomous spider bites may spread from the center. If you have a pale center with blue or purple and then a red layer, it could be a venomous spider bite. Anything like ulceration, red streaks, or other signs the venom is spreading indicates a need for immediate medical care.

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