It is always a shock to find bugs and rodents in your home, but it can become even more of a problem when you find your car infested with ants, spiders, flying insects, or other creepy crawlies. Ants in a car dashboard are particularly difficult to eradicate with over-the-counter products or spray types of pesticides from the store.

Some vehicles, particularly camper vans or RVs, may also have problems with bed bugs or cockroaches taking up residence. While not as common, rodents can also get into vehicles and often cause significant damage.

Vehicle owners in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast, and all across Australia can use these car pest control tips to reduce the risk of any problems.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Just like humans, pests want to get out of bad weather. Ants move into shaded areas in high summer temperatures, while spiders tend to move into a vehicle during the rainy season or when it is cooler. Do-it-yourself car insecticide treatments often leave residue and a bad odour, and natural types of car insect repellents are simply not effective. We provide highly effective options to get rid of spiders in a car. Removal of the live spiders and any eggs will be important.

At Flick Anticimex, we offer a range of options, including customised solutions for car pest control near me for those living in the Wagga, Bendigo, Townsville, Sandgate, Hobart, and Central Coast areas.

Tasty Treats

Crumbs from meals on the go or snacks in the vehicle attract both cockroaches and ants. Typically, seeing one of these insects in the vehicle means there is a problem. Our car fumigation services eliminate these pests no matter where they may be hiding.

Open Windows

Flying insects, spiders, ants, and even cockroaches can easily climb the side of a car and get in through even a slightly open window.

A Comfortable Place to Live

Rats and mice are always looking for a warm, dry place to live. The hood of the vehicle is the ideal place to make and nest and stay warm and dry. They can also nest in damaged seats or in vehicle insulation.

Rats and mice chew, which results in damage to the electrical system as well as damage to belts, hoses, and other engine and system components. This can result in significant repair costs. The car fumigation costs to get rid of rodents and insects are typically much less than the cost to repair the damage they create.

5 Important Tips for Pest Control in Your Vehicle

To help anyone in Australia keep their vehicle free from any type of pests, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure all windows and doors close securely
  • Avoid leaving windows open, even for a brief period of time
  • Keep pests out of your home and garage
  • Clean the inside of your vehicle on a regular basis or avoid eating inside
  • Try to avoid parking in or near trees or shrubs and leaving your vehicle in the same spot for long periods of time

If you have any questions about pest control for cars, call on the team at Flick Anticimex. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art solutions for environmentally friendly pest control. Contact us for a free quote!

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