Watching the news, you can see that the floods are driving snakes to higher water. Whether it is horrific images of dozens of snakes swimming in floodwaters, pictures of trees full of snakes, or that Tik Tok video showing a snake giving a ride to a mouse, a frog, and a beetle, it is clear that snakes are on the move as they attempt to escape the floods.

What does that mean for you? Well, while Australia has some of the world’s most dangerous venomous snakes, they are usually easy to avoid. They rarely invade homes. Furthermore, even if you are outside, if you are watching for them, you can generally avoid them.

However, as snakes try to evade the floodwaters, they are entering homes to get to safety. In addition to homes, they may be in sheds, garages, and other outbuildings.

How dangerous are these snakes? Well, it depends on who you ask. Australia has over 20 species of venomous snake. The ten most dangerous snakes around the country are the:

  • Eastern Brown Snake
  • Western Brown Snake
  • Mainland Tiger Snake
  • Inland Taipan
  • Coastal Taipan
  • Mulga Snake
  • Lowlands Copperhead
  • Small-Eyed Snake
  • Common Death Adder
  • Red-Bellied Black Snake

None of these snakes are known for being particularly aggressive. Even the species of brown snake, which are responsible for the most bites in Australia, are generally known to avoid people unless they are disturbed.

That said, dealing with a flood creates the type of conditions that lead to snakes being upset. First, as snakes flee their homes, they are leaving areas where they have a developed hunting and eating pattern. If rodents, lizards, and other prey animals have sought refuge in your home, snakes may try to enter the house to feed on them. Even if snakes stay out of your home, they may be hiding in wood piles or debris that has been deposited by floodwaters. As we start the cleanup process, we make it more likely that the snakes will be disturbed, which is what really increases the likelihood that people will get snake bites.

What do you do if you notice snakes on your property after the flood? First, steer clear. As we have said, snakes are unlikely to bite you if you leave them alone. They generally do not chase people to attack them. So, steer clear. Then, contact a pest control or snake management company. At Flick, we handle all sorts of pests, including snakes. We can develop a personalized plan to help get your property snake-free.

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