If you saw the pictures of Gippsland last year, you may think you have seen the worst-case scenario for what spiders can do when they are fleeing floodwaters. While the cobweb covered area looked scary, outdoor cobwebs are far from the worst damage spiders can do. People around Australia have had spiders invade their homes in an attempt to get away from floodwaters. While we may be used to dealing with a spider or two in our homes, the massive influx of spiders has meant widespread home invasions.

If you have noticed what looks like fields of spiderwebs near you, it may not be a sign that spiders have invaded. Instead, tons of webbing are usually because thousands of spiders have ballooned at the same time. That means that they are getting high and floating on the breeze to get away.

Scarier than blankets of cobwebs are blankets of spiders. Since the flooding began, people have reported finding spiders blanketing their entire lawns as they run away from floodwaters. When they encounter people or pets, they may climb them to get higher. They will also scurry inside houses.

Why are these spiders such a big deal? First, spiders are a nuisance. While a couple of spiders in your house may actually help control insects, a spider infestation creates its own problems. You have to deal with cobwebs, waste, and other issues. Even more of a problem, many spiders in Australia are venomous.

Can venomous spiders kill you? Absolutely. Australia’s funnel web spiders are the most toxic spider species in Australia. They are so toxic that their bites can kill an adult within 24 hours and a child in an even shorter period of time. Symptoms onset quickly after the bite, and can impact the heart and the lungs. Fortunately, there is an antivenom to treat their bites, so no one has died from their bite since 1981. In fact, spider bite fatalities from any type of spider are exceptionally rare.

However, the floods are not just driving pests out of hiding. They can also make accessing emergency services and medical care difficult. That is why homeowners want to keep these pests from invading their homes. At Flick, we can help you with pest prevention or with exterminating spiders once they get into your home. Call us today to get started on getting your home spider-free, again.

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