The flooding in Australia has created so many problems for people around the country. One of the biggest problems that people are seeing is an influx of pests. Flooded out of their homes, all types of animals are seeking refuge in people’s homes. While their motives are understandable, it has led to massive pest control problems around the country. People are reporting seeking spiders, snakes, rodents, and millipedes in their homes. People are concerned that pests will damage their property, and also that some of these pests pose a threat to health and safety.


Have you seen the images of huge groups of rodents fleeing the floodwaters? Those images are terrifying, and as rats and mice move across the country, they are wreaking all types of havoc. They are destroying crops as they seek out food. They are also invading homes. If the area around your home flooded, you may have rats and mice in the house, especially in attics or upper floors.


Australia is known for its dangerous snakes. The Eastern Brown Snake, Western Brown Snake, Mainland Tiger Snake, Inland Taipan, Coastal Taipan, Mulga Snake, Lowlands Copperhead, Small-Eyed Snake, Common Death Adder, and Red-Bellied Black Snake are all known for their venomous bites. Like other animals, snakes have been fleeing floodwaters. There are even reports of trees full of snakes. They may also seek refuge in your home, especially if rodents are hiding in your home, since rodents are a primary food source for many types of snakes.


While individual millipedes pose little problems to humans, they can create major problems when they invade in masse. Millipedes can be beneficial in your garden, where they can help improve soil conditions. However, millipedes in your house are a different story. Some species, particularly Portuguese Black Millipedes will invade in masse. They can infiltrate food, bedding, and clothing. They smell and can stain if they are squished. Unlike other millipede species, they can destroy your garden.


Spiders are one of the scariest pests that people encounter in their homes. They can easily hide, and many species are venomous. While spider bites are not likely to kill you, they can cause significant discomfort. Once you have a houseful of them, it can feel like you are not safe anywhere.

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