While the world is beginning to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt that the pandemic will have a lasting effect on business. Experts have told us to expect another pandemic, but no one cannot predict when it will happen or how it will spread. One certainty, though, is that touch will be a significant contributor to the spread of pathogens. Many businesses are trying to become touch-free (or at least as touch-free as possible) to deal with the current pandemic and be better prepared for the next one.

What do non-touch solutions look like for your workplace? Well, it depends upon your workplace. Some work environments can easily be transitioned to non-touch or even handled virtually, while others are more dependent on touch. You want to personalise your solution to your workplace, and Flick can help you do that.

Many of the conveniences of the modern world are based on the customer being able to access resources without the help of an employee. Kiosks, booking screens, computers or tablets for sign in or information access are just a few convenience items that are traditionally high-touch and pose a risk of disease transmission. Regularly sanitising these items may not be enough to keep your workplace sanitised.

Deter Risk With Non-Touch Solutions for Your Business!

There are traditional risks for touch transmission in any workplace. Light switches, door handles, and bathroom handles are all traditional high-touch areas. We can implement sanitising protocols to sanitise these high-touch surfaces thoroughly, but if your business has a lot of traffic, it will be all but impossible to keep them 100% clean.

That is why Flick offers non-touch hygiene solutions for your workplace. Hands-free paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and hand-sanitiser dispensers are one way to transition to a non-touch work environment. This can help reduce the spread of disease in the office place.

It can also encourage people to sanitise traditional high-touch surfaces or prevent infection from those surfaces. For example, placing hands-free sanitiser dispensers near doors, elevators, and other frequently touched surfaces encourages people to sanitise their hands before or after use. This reduces the risk of contamination on those surfaces.

At Flick, we know that our non-touch solutions may not be enough to meet your hygiene goals. That is why we also offer sanitisation and disinfection services. These can help you eliminate the germs that sneak past your best hygiene efforts, providing a healthier space for your customers and employees. Call Flick today at 1300 270 019 to learn more!

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