Thanks to everyone who came along to to our screening of Aladdin! It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces at our events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! Congratulations to the winners of our lucky door prizes!

We had a great turn out, and we were excited to launch our Anticimex SMART sense product range. The new range expands the SMART line to target Moths and Cockroaches as well as Rodents. SMART Sense is a detection system that uses the SMART Eye to detect moth and cockroach activity. The system provides real time data about the number of catches and interactions cockroaches and moths have with the unit. This is all feed back to an App which you can use on your phone to track any changes and see instantly any changes in activity. The new system will allow responses to any infestations with much greater speed and efficacy. Want to know more? Click to download the SMART Sense presentation: Anticimex SMART Hoyts presentation



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