We are big fans of DIY projects. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of tackling a project and doing a great job. When done properly, DIY projects save you time and can give you results that are even better than professional results.

However, there are sometimes when DIY projects are just plain dangerous. Some projects around the house are better left to professionals because they involve things that are inherently hazardous. Electrical work is one of those things. Pest control is another.

While Flick offers pest control that is safe for your family and your pets, we also want to be very clear about the nature of pest control. Pesticides are designed to kill things. Almost all pesticides have the potential of causing harm to other animals, not just to the pests that they target. That is why pest control technicians receive training for the safe application and use of these products. In fact, in addition to causing harm to people and pets, improper pesticide use can contaminate water, land, crops, wildlife, and domestic animals. So when looking up DIY pest control practices, pesticides are going to be the first item that appears!

That is why it is very important to always follow the specific directions on any pest control product that you use. However, just because you can get a product over the counter does not mean that it is safe to use. You can easily pick up very dangerous chemicals at your local hardware store or supermarket. Using these products wrong can result in serious harm to your children, your pets, or yourself. However, it can take years to see the negative results develop, so many people think the treatments were safe and effective, at the time.

What makes this problem worse is people turning to the internet for information. We cannot even begin to describe the dangerous things we have seen on internet DIY pest control forums. Many of them can cause toxic issues to people and pets, which can result in everything from immediate death to long term harms. Others pose larger problems, such as people suggesting the use of foggers in a way that can lead to fires and explosions.

The reality is that you should never use any pest control product in a way that differs from the label. If using it according to directions does not do the job, then it is not the right product, strength, or application method to target your pest problem. That is when it is time to get professional advice and services. At Flick, we are here to provide you with safe, effective, and affordable pest control solutions.

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