Pest control for health and aged care industries

pest control services for healthcare

Flick is the health and aged care industry’s leader in safe and effective pest control. We take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your nursing home, hospital or hospice with minimal disruption to your staff or patients.

Our professionally trained pest technicians provide safe, discreet and effective preventative treatments for your health facility.

We offer a selection of pest solutions to suit you.

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Why you need pest control for health care

Public places like nursing homes, aged care facilities and hospitals have rigorous processes in place for disinfection and hygiene. While these processes work for microbes and germs, they’re ineffective against larger pests.

The daily movement of goods, patients and visitors through your facility increases the risk of pest infestation. Doors are often left open. Goods are delivered. People roll strollers and walk dirty shoes into your building.

Your kitchen is particularly vulnerable to pest infestation. Crumbs, leaky taps and food storage can encourage rodents and cockroaches.

Patients can unknowingly bring bedbugs in with their clothing or insects delivered in flowers.

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Pest Control is Essential for Health Care

Why pest control is essential for health care

Patients and the elderly often have lower immunity than other members of the public and are more sensitive to allergens. Pests can leave urine and droppings, triggering asthma attacks or allergic reactions. Many pests, such as rodents, carry diseases. Some insects leave egg cases that can produce a musty smell and irritate the respiratory system, especially in patients with breathing difficulties.

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Cockroaches are a common pest in healthcare facilities

Cockroach faeces, saliva and egg cases can cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks.

They’re attracted to damp areas and tight spaces. Cockroaches can infest staff break rooms, laundries, food service areas, and around vending machines. Wet areas, such as floor drains and sinks in bathrooms and kitchens can also attract cockroaches.

Outpatient treatment areas, such as kidney dialysis can attract cockroaches because people bring in snacks. Our technicians often find cockroach infestations around loading docks and garbage disposal areas.

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SMART Digital Pest Control targets pests before they become a problem

Bed bugs are a pest in aged care facilities

Bed bugs and their eggs can enter healthcare facilities in bags, clothing and shoes. At night they feed on blood as residents sleep, leaving itchy red welts on their body. This can obviously be disturbing and can cause anxiety and sleeplessness. Their bites aren’t known to cause diseases, but constant scratching can lead to infections.

Our technicians treat bedrooms, waiting area furniture and laundry facilities for bedbugs.

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Rats and mice are common pests in nursing homes

Another pest we find around loading docks, skip bins and storage rooms is rodents. Rodents can cause structural damage. They chew through wood, plaster and even electrical wiring. Rats and mice spread diseases but are also a fire hazard. Our SMART technology can treat these pests discreetly, proactively and safely.

Rodents constantly urinate, contaminating food preparation surfaces and can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Rodents are typically found in laundry rooms, food service areas, loading docks and garbage disposal areas.

Rodents can be a serious problem in healthcare facilities as many patients are immunocompromised.

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Target rodents and other pests with SMART Digital Pest Control

Pest problems can escalate quickly in health care facilities. SMART Digital Pest Control use sensors to detect rodent activity in real-time and our technicians respond proactively. Non-toxic devices are placed where the activity is highest. So, our technicians can act with statistics based on number and frequency.

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Why Choose Flick for your pest control

Why SMART Digital Pest Control is ideal for healthcare

SMART Digital Pest Control is safe for your staff and patients. SMART removes the risk of secondary poisoning, prevents infestations and provides data for compliance.

Our technicians assess and identify the risk zones in your premises. We then use this information to create a tailored action plan. Sensors and devices are strategically placed onsite to detect infestations and efficiently deal with pests. SMART units report back in real-time to our SMART data hub.

We find that technology combined with traditional practices keeps rodent numbers and pests under control.

Our Flick technicians will continue to regularly inspect, empty and relocate SMART devices when needed.

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