Pest control for public transportation

pest control for public transportation

Flick is the public transportation industry’s leader in safe and effective pest control. We take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your bus shelters, airport or train station with minimal disruption to your staff or travellers.

Our professionally trained pest technicians provide safe and effective preventative treatments for wharves and depots.

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Why you need pest control for transportation

Pests are attracted to bus shelters, train stations and ferry wharves because they are areas where people wait. Usually, there’s a vending machine for food and drink.

Rubbish can blow onto train tracks, under stairwells or in the corners of shelters, which attract pests.

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pest control in public transport shelters

Cockroaches are a common pest in public transport shelters

Cockroaches are attracted to damp, unclean areas. Although these pests are shy, they’re visible once their numbers reach a threshold. A cockroach infestation will invade shelters and depots. As these areas are open, the perimeter needs to be treated. Damp areas in shelters need to be sealed and dried out.

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Birds are a pest around train stations and airports

Birds can be a problem around train stations. They can roost and nest on beams, leaving droppings. Airport hangers also create ideal roosting and nesting sites for birds.

We have safe and effective bird deterrents that stop birds from landing where you don’t want them.

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Why Choose Flick for your pest control

Rats and mice are common pests in train and bus depots

Another pest we often find around airports, train and bus depots is rodents. Rats and mice spread diseases and increase very quickly in number. Our SMART technology can treat these pests discreetly, proactively and safely.

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Target rodents and other pests with SMART Digital Pest Control

SMART Digital Pest Control uses sensors to detect activity in real-time. We record rodent and pest activity in real time, and our technicians respond proactively. Non-toxic baits are placed where the activity is highest, out of the way of the public and avoiding second hand poisoning. So, our technicians can act with statistics based on number and frequency.

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Smart Digital Pest Control

Why SMART Digital Pest Control is ideal for transportation pest control

SMART is safe for the public, prevents infestations and provides data for compliance.

Our technicians assess and identify the risk zones. We then use this information to create a tailored action plan. SMART sensors and units are strategically and discreetly placed onsite to detect infestations and efficiently deal with pests. These SMART units report back in real-time to our SMART data hub.

We find that technology combined with traditional practices keep rodent numbers and pests under control.

Our Flick technicians will continue to regularly inspect, empty and relocate SMART boxes and units when needed based on SMART data.

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