Pest control for real estate

Real estate pest control

Flick is the real estate industry’s leader in safe and effective termite and pest control. We take care of pest prevention, infestations and pest problems affecting your residential and commercial rental management properties, with minimal disruption to you and your tenants.

Our professionally trained pest technicians provide safe and effective preventative and proactive pest treatments for fleas, carpet pests, case moths, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and more for residential and commercial properties across the real estate industry.

We also offer general pest services including bee removal and relocation, wasp treatment and removal, termite protection and rodent control treatments to suit houses, units, townhouses and commercial retail and buildings.

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End of lease pest control

End-of-lease pest control is a requirement in most rental properties, this usually occurs when a tenant moves so that the property is ready and safe for a new tenant to move in. Fleas and pests may not be obvious when you walk into a vacant or furnished property, other than being small, pasts often hide in warn dark hiding spots. Fleas are especially hard to see and their eggs can remain dormant for sometime and become a problem for new tenants moving in. Flick can provide safe and effective end of lease and pre lease flea treatments, treat for carpet pests, case months, spiders, cockroaches and other pests. This is especially important if the tenant had a dog. Pest control is crucially essential as pests can cause damage and affect the value of the rental property.

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Pest control rental property

Why you need real estate pest control

Whether you’re selling or managing rentals, all properties are affected by pests. The movement of people in and out of units, villa or townhouse complexes can attract pests. Garden beds and multiple rubbish bins in one location are perfect breeding grounds for pests looking for food sources and hiding spots. If tenants start collecting cardboard boxes, rubbish for council clean-up, and/or do not maintain the property it may become home for rodents, spiders and cockroaches.

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Real Estate Pest Control

In a residential property, the landlord or property manager is responsible for maintaining visual termite inspections. Pest control may also be required unless the tenant caused the infestation due to lack of cleanliness, keeping pets, as a requirement of the lease agreement or another factor. Get in touch with Flick Pest Control and we’ll organise a visual pest inspection or pest control so you can keep your property in top condition, ensuring it will be a find in the rental market for years to come.

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Flea Pest Control for Real Estate

Who is responsible for rental pest control, landlord or tenant?

Generally, the landlord is responsible for the treatment if pests are present before a tenant moves in. If pests have developed since the tenant moved in, it’s usually their responsibility, however legislation varies across states and territory.

An annual general pest control service will keep your landlords investment property safe from pest damage. Birds can nest under solar panels. Wasp nests can block gutters, termites can cause structural damage, and rodents can chew through electrical cables. A general six monthly and yearly pest inspection will keep the property free from damage.

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Keep pests away with safe, effective treatments

We can tailor a pest treatment for your homes and buildings. Ants, cockroaches and rodents can be regularly treated and even prevented, creating a safe living environment for tenants, owners and visitors.

Regular pest treatment can also prevent large fees for your clients if a pest infestation occurs.

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Rodent control for rental properties

Rodents can wreak havoc in homes causing costly problems and impacting the health of residents. Tenants are likely to mention if they have a rodent problem in their rental property. It is usually the landlords’ responsibility to ensure the property is pest free. We offer preventative rat and mice inspection along with a selection of rodent solutions to suit all rental properties.

Our team can target and monitor for rodents using SMART Digital Pest Control. SMART is an intuitive digital system that uses sensors to detect activity in real time. SMART also uses non-toxic catch boxes making them environmentally friendly and safe for homeowners, tenants and pets. We can tailor a solution to suit all premises. If you suspect you have rodents, call 1300 270 019 to speak to our expert team.

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Bee & wasp treatments for rental properties

Flick offers safe bee removal and relocation services to ensure the hive is removed without harming the bees. Bees can nest in brickwork, walls, and cavity walls of properties causing physical damage to homes, posing threats to people and pets, and even attracting other pests along with them.

Flick will also safely treat and remove wasps from properties. Wasps like to nest in visible areas, such as doorways and walls under eaves. Wasps will sting multiple times if the nest is threatened. Do not disturb them. Call 1300 270 019 to speak to our expert team.

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Why you need a termite management plan for rental properties

Tenants are not likely to mention pest control unless it impacts their life, such as rodents, cockroaches or ants in the kitchen. That’s why termites are so hard to detect in rental properties. If your client’s property has new tenants every six months to a year, they may not notice the subtle differences around the house from termite destruction.

If termites damage the floor, it may start to sag. New tenants won’t notice the floor sagging or may put it down to wear and tear.

Termite damage occurs slowly over a period time. So, it’s not until a skirting board or a window sill breaks easily that the full extent of the damage is revealed.

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Real Estate Industry pest control

Termite damage can be financially devastating

If termites are in your landlords investment property, they can’t rely on the rental bond to cover the treatment. It is also unlikely that Termites damage or any termite treatment cost will be covered by your home building insurance. The treatment will depend on your unique circumstances plus any major structural damage that may need repairing as a result of the termite damage.

Pest control may be a tax deduction. As you may inspect the property only every six months, suggest a regular termite inspection for your client’s peace of mind. The best treatment against termites is proactive management before the damage is done.

Flick can create a tailored treatment plan in all facets of real estate. Call 1300 270 019.

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Property Managers Pest Control

Whether you’re renting your own home out to private tenants, work as a property manager or you’re in charge of a commercial or government building, one simple fact remains, organising maintenance of these properties is your responsibility. Luckily if you’re in Australia, including Brisbane, Logan, Redland City and Ipswich, Flick Pest Control can take care of your pest control and termite needs.

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When should you call a pest exterminator?

If you’ve had a complaint from a tenant or spotted signs of a pest infestation, such as termites, rodents, cockroaches, ants or spiders in your property, you should definitely arrange a pest control technician to attend as soon as possible. Regular visual termite inspections & pest control can minimise the risk to damage to yours or your landlord’s property.

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Mould treatment for rental properties

Our mould fogging solution eradicates visible mould, targets and kills airborne mould spores, and provides a non-toxic coating to surfaces, creating a barrier to stop mould from growing back.

A mist is distributed into the air throughout the entire internal environment to provide consistent coverage, eliminating mould and other bacteria. Our low-toxic, environmentally friendly solution requires minimal downtime and will provide ongoing protection, stopping the mould re-grouping and growing into the environment.

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