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retail pest control

Flick is the retail and wholesale industry’s leader in safe and effective pest control. We take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your shop, store or outlet with minimal disruption to your staff or customers.

Our professionally trained pest technicians provide safe, discreet and effective preventative treatments for your retail or wholesale business.

We offer a selection of pest solutions to suit you.

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Shopping Centre Pest Control

There’s a very easy way to ruin the image and the reputation of your shopping centre and the retail outlets within it, and that’s to allow a pest infestation to take hold.

A noticeable outbreak of pests will likely cost you and your retailers a number of sales. And in our age of social media, it won’t be long before word spreads. Luckily Flick Pest Control provide pest control for shopping centres throughout Australia including Brisbane, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

Shopping centres are for the public, not for pests. Contact Flick Pest Control for all your pest control needs, from a routine pest inspection to ridding your mall from pests on the loose.

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Why you need pest control for retail

The daily movement of goods and customers through your shop increases the risk of pest infestation. Doors are often left open. Parcels are delivered. People roll strollers and walk dirty shoes into your store.

Your storage room is particularly vulnerable to pest infestation. Different goods can carry a variety of pests or their eggs, such as ants, cockroaches or flies.

Cardboard boxes and pallets can provide nesting for vermin. Insects can also travel from interstate to your loading dock on trucks.

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Pest Control is Essential for Retail

Why pest control is essential for retail

Insurance often won’t cover the loss of goods due to insect damage. Rodents, cockroaches and spiders can cause the following problems.

  • Damage product packaging
  • Cause customer rejection
  • Endanger your employees
  • Threaten your reputation
  • Damage goods
  • Cause loss of profits

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Dangers of pests in shopping centres

In a shopping centre environment, pests can damage more than your reputation. They can cause damage to things like electrical wiring and computer equipment. Termites are notorious for devouring wood, which could be a disaster for some of your retailers. Animals like rodents and roaches can also spread germs and diseases – not something you want affecting your staff members and customers.

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Cockroaches are a common pest in retail facilities

Cockroaches are attracted to damp, unclean areas and tight spaces. Our technicians have found wet cardboard packaging from recent flooding and rain attracts cockroaches.

Although these pests are shy, they’re visible once their numbers reach a threshold. A cockroach infestation can invade tea rooms and storage facilities, even if you don’t store food.

Our technician may suggest removing packaging daily to prevent further infestation.

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Ants are a Pest in Shops

Ants are a pest in shops

Ants don’t spread disease but can be a nuisance. Shopping centres can attract pests such as ants because of food outlets, supermarkets, cafes and retail in one area.

Wiping away an ant trail is only a short term fix. Ants are difficult to remove without professional treatment. Customers often take food into retail shops, leaving crumbs and sometimes wrappers behind.

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Rat in Supermarket

Rats and mice are common pests in shopping centres

Another pest we find around loading docks, skip bins and storage rooms is rodents. Rats and mice spread diseases and increase very quickly in number. Our SMART technology can treat these pests discreetly, proactively and safely.

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How to keep your shopping centre pest-free

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of pests invading your centre:

Regular pest control: Having a regular maintenance program in place with a qualified and experienced pest control company such as Flick Pest Control is the first step to stopping bugs in their track. A successful pest management program can prevent pests entering your property to begin with.
Clean thoroughly and consistently: Cleanliness is another top priority when it comes to the prevention of pests. This is especially important in retail outlets such as cafes that serve food. Clean regularly, thoroughly, and often and make sure you include storage rooms, closets, shelves or any hidden areas or corners.
Look for and repair entrance points: Are there any holes, cracks, openings in the building through which pests could easily slip in from outside? If so, it’s best to get those vulnerable spots sealed, repaired etc. as soon as you possibly can. We realise this might be a difficult thing to achieve if you’re responsible for the cleanliness of a large shopping mall. But it brings us to the next point.
Train your staff in cleanliness and pest prevention: Encourage all owners and managers of individual stores to do their part when it comes to preventing pests. Set up a sighting registrar for pests in case anyone spots one.
Tidy up the clutter: This one goes hand-in-hand with cleaning. The more clutter there is, the more potential places pests have access to to make their homes. Keeping the place as tidy and spotless as possible is the best way to keep pests at bay.

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Target rodents and other pests with SMART Digital Pest Control

Pest problems can escalate quickly in shopping centres. SMART Digital Pest Control use sensors to detect rodent activity in real-time and our technicians respond proactively. Non-toxic devices are placed where the activity is highest. So, our technicians can act with statistics based on number and frequency.

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SMART Digital Pest Control

Why SMART technology is ideal for retail pest control

SMART technology is safe for all goods, prevents infestations and provides data for compliance.

Our technicians assess and identify the risk zones in your premises. We then use this information to create a tailored action plan. Sensors and traps are strategically placed onsite to detect infestations and efficiently deal with pests. These SMART units report back in real-time to our SMART data hub.

We find that technology combined with traditional practices keeps rodent numbers and pests under control.

Our Flick technicians will continue to regularly inspect, empty and relocate SMART devices when needed.

Create a tailored treatment plan that works with your staff and customers. Get your area inspected by a professional. Call 1300 270 019.

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Why you should choose Flick Pest Control

So you’ve realised it’s time to call in a pest exterminator? You’ve probably seen a few of them on the Internet or advertising their services around the region, so why should you pick Flick Pest Control?

We have more than 35 years of industry experience. We have hands on experience with a wide range of pests across a variety of environments, including commercial, domestic and residential. Our clients past and present include Stockland, Redland Bay Shopping Centre and Victoria Point Lakeside Shopping Centre as well as a number of supermarkets, food outlets and retail businesses.

We know that shopping centres are busy places, which is why we use the safest materials and observe the safest practices. We also conduct our pest management treatment at times that are most convenient for you, such as after-hours when there are no shoppers around.

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