Pest control for manufacturing and logistics

factory pest control

Flick is the manufacturing and logistics industry’s leader in safe and effective pest control. We take care of any pest infestation or problems affecting your factory, depot or storage facility with minimal disruption to your staff.

Our professionally trained pest technicians provide safe and effective preventative treatments for your workshop and warehouse.

We offer a selection of rodent and pest solutions to suit your area.

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Why you need pest control for logistics

The movement of goods through your warehouse or storage facility increases the risk of pest infestation. Biosecurity clears goods for pests and disease arriving from overseas. But after the goods leave the wharf or airport, local pests can easily hitchhike to your premises. Pests can set up home on the container, packaging or in your goods.

Storage facilities are particularly vulnerable to pest infestation. Different goods, such as grains, fertilisers and organic material can carry a variety of pests. Doors are often open in storage areas. So birds, rodents and cockroaches can easily enter.

Cardboard boxes and pallets can provide nesting for vermin. Insects can also travel from interstate to your loading dock on the truck.

Cars, machinery, tyres and other break bulk cargo can harbour insects, transporting them to your storage facility.

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Pest Control For Manufacturing

Why pest control is essential for manufacturing

Pests can quickly disrupt your supply chain and insurance often won’t cover the loss of goods due to insect damage. Rodents, cockroaches and birds can cause the following problems.

  • Damage product packaging
  • Cause customer rejection
  • Endanger your employees
  • Threaten your reputation
  • Damage goods
  • Cause loss of profits

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Cockroaches are a common pest in storage facilities

Cockroaches are attracted to damp, unclean areas. Our technicians have found wet cardboard packaging from recent flooding and rain attract cockroaches.

Although these pests are shy, they’re visible once their numbers reach a threshold. A cockroach infestation can invade warehouses and storage facilities, even if you don’t store food. As these areas are open, our technicians will treat inside your facility and the perimeter.

Our technician may suggest drying damp areas and removing wet packaging to prevent further problems.

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Birds are a pest in warehouses

Birds can be a pest in warehouse rafters. They can roost and nest on beams, leaving droppings on goods.

We have safe and effective bird deterrents that stop birds from nesting in your warehouse.

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Mice Control for Manufacturing and Logistic Industries

Rats and mice are common pests in manufacturing and logistic industries

Another pest we find around loading docks, skip bins and storage rooms is rodents. Rats and mice spread diseases and increase very quickly in number. Our SMART technology can treat these pests discreetly, proactively and safely.

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SMART Digital Pest Control

Target rodents and other pests with SMART Digital Pest Control

Pest problems can escalate quickly in logistics and manufacturing. SMART Digital Pest Control use sensors to detect rodent activity in real-time and our technicians respond proactively. Non-toxic baits are placed where the activity is highest. So, our technicians can act with statistics based on number and frequency.

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SMART Digital Pest Control targets pests before they become a problem

Why SMART Digital Pest Control is ideal for logistic pest control

SMART Digital Pest Control is safe for all goods, prevents infestations and provides data for compliance.

Our technicians assess and identify the risk zones in your premises. We then use this information to create a tailored action plan. Sensors and traps are strategically placed onsite to detect infestations and efficiently deal with pests. SMART units report back in real-time to our SMART data hub.

We find that technology combined with traditional practices keeps rodent numbers and pests under control.

Our Flick technicians will continue to regularly inspect, empty and relocate SMART devices when needed.

Create a tailored treatment plan that works with your staff and clients. Get your area inspected by a professional. Call 1300 270 019.

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