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    At Flick Anticimex, we pride ourselves on our long history of servicing major companies and businesses. From the pharmaceutical industry to the hospitality industry, our Flick technicians and staff are reliable and trusted professionals who provide the best in pest control management and washroom hygiene.

    If you’re in need of a tailored pest control management system or premium washroom and hygiene services, find your industry in the list below and see how we can help.

    Building & Construction

    Pre-construction termite protection is a must for any commercial or residential development. Don’t waste time: Flick Anticimex understands the needs of the construction industry.

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    From preschools to primary schools to high schools, Flick Anticimex is dedicated to providing your students with safe and hygienic teaching environments.

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    Health & Aged Care

    Creating an environment to ideally care for your patients is your focus and there is no time to dedicate to complicated pest control, and washroom and hygiene services.

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    Food services businesses and restaurants are dominated by fierce competition. Business owners cannot afford putting their good reputation at risk of pest infestation.

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    Local Governments

    Pests and unclean washrooms have no place in local government buildings, museums, natural and heritage listings and the general local community

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    Manufacturing & Logistics

    Manufacturing companies produce anything from the best in tobacco to cosmetics, which means you’ll need the best in pest control and washroom hygiene.

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    There is no room for pests in the office. Office staff and visitors shouldn’t be greeted by creepy crawlies in the kitchen, bathroom or in the work area.

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    Pharma companies deliver products that meet the strictest quality standards. Monitoring your production process must be done very carefully.

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    Property & Strata Management

    At Flick Anticimex, we know that property and strata managers are just looking for reliable and drama free pest control companies.

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    Public Housing & Retirement Homes

    Ensuring the safety of tenants is top of mind for government bodies who manage public housing and organisations who manage retirement homes.

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    Retail & Wholesale

    Your customers deserve only the best. Retail and wholesale stores like small businesses, department stores, and supermarkets are not exempt from pest invasions.

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    Sport, Fitness & Recreation

    Many sports, fitness and recreational facilities suffer when their hygiene is left to the wayside.

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    Hotels, motels, hostels, inns and cruise ships are not immune to pest invasions. Receive help from the largest pest control and washroom company in Australia.

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    Hundreds and thousands of customers use the facilities in the transport industry. Protect them from pests and harmful bacteria with our help!

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